With seven obstetricians and three locations, our obstetrics practice is both intimate and accessible. At RGOA, we believe that your involvement in your own birth process is the first and most important step toward a safe and satisfying delivery. To that end, we help you develop a birth plan that is consistent with your own needs and goals. Because no two patients are alike, our approach to labor and delivery is equally diverse. While we support, for example, women who choose an epidural for pain relief, we are also advocates of labor support doulas, acupuncture and natural childbirth. We have a low Cesarean section rate and we are supportive of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) deliveries. We do not perform routine episiotomies and we are strong proponents of breastfeeding.

We are affiliated with Highland Hospital. Highland Hospital, part of the University of Rochester Medical Center,  is one of the premier hospitals in the nation, providing comprehensive maternal and newborn services by a renowned team.  Highland Hospital supports optimal care for infant feeding. For more information about having your baby at Highland Hospital, please visit the Highland Hospital Family Maternity Center website.  We know that having your baby is one of the most extraordinary events in your life. In an environment of mutual trust and respect, we are confident we will help you achieve the birth experience that you envision.

We offer a full range of obstetrical services, including

  • Comprehensive maternity care
  • High-risk pregnancy management with perinatal coverage
  • Obstetrical ultrasound including 3D imaging
  • Amniocentesis
  • Infertility testing
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing (cell free DNA)
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling
  • Genetic counseling
  • Down syndrome testing
  • Amniocentesis
  • In-office OB ultrasound, including 3D
  • 24/7 hospital coverage

Affiliation with Highland Hospital

We are a private gynecology and obstetrics practice. We deliver babies at the Highland Hospital Family Maternity Center. One of our physicians is on call 24 hours a day at Highland to ensure the best delivery for you and your baby. We perform surgery at Highland Hospital and area surgicenters. Separate from our private office, we also educate OB/GYN residents in an academic setting at Highland Hospital.


RGOA is proud to offer both obstetric and gynecologic ultrasounds performed by highly skilled and accredited practitioners with years of experience employing the latest technology and equipment in the field. We are an accredited ultrasound testing site. This accreditation means that our physicians and technical staff have received specialty training in ultrasonography, and that our equipment, documentation and procedures meet rigorous national standards of excellence.

We are experts in the use of transvaginal sonography in gynecology and early obstetrics. We also perform sonohysterograms (saline infusion sonograms) for our patients, which provide a more detailed evaluation of the uterine cavity. We have experience working with high-risk pregnancies and with gynecologic ultrasound. Our patients appreciate our warm environment and our ability to put them at ease.

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