At RGOA, we provide a full range of gynecologic services, from annual check-ups and routine Pap smears to procedures performed in our office or surgeries in the hospital. We evaluate and treat women with: abnormal Pap smears; abnormal human papilloma virus (HPV) tests; sexually transmitted infections; pelvic pain; fibroids; abnormal bleeding, infertility; menopause and aging issues. We provide contraceptive counseling and family planning services, including insertion of IUDs. We also perform diagnostic ultrasounds in our office utilizing state-of-the-art machines and the latest techniques available in the field of ultrasound medicine. We are able to work so effectively, because we have many gifted practitioners who work together as a team.


At RGOA, we offer a full range of surgical options to meet each patient's individual needs. Many surgical procedures, such as D&Cs and LEEP procedures, may be done in our office. Sedation is always offered. Minimally invasive surgical procedures such as laparoscopies are always considered whenever possible, as well as non-surgical alternatives.

For procedures in which hospitalization is recommended or necessary, our doctors perform a full range of gynecologic surgeries at Highland Hospital. As one of the premier medical centers in the country, we feel fortunate in our affiliation with the institution and its incomparable staff of health care professionals. We have the highest regard for the hospital's excellent anesthesiology and nursing staff.

Our surgical coordinator works directly with the hospital to schedule your procedure in a time frame that best fits your own schedule and your doctor's recommendations. Our billing staff will handle insurance issues and pre-authorizations. We hope to make your surgical experience as seamless as possible.

Well-Women Care

  • Annual check-ups and preventive medicine
  • New patient GYN exams
  • Yearly GYN exams
  • Adolescent/young adult gynecology
  • Pediatric gynecology
  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause
  • Pap smear and colposcopy
  • Breast examination
  • Family planning/contraception

Gynecologic Surgery

  • Vaginal hysterectomy
  • Cervical dysplasia surgery
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Surgery for incontinence

In-Office Imaging

  • DEXA Bone Density Scanning
  • In-office diagnostic GYN ultrasound scanning including 3-D imaging

Office Gynecologic Procedures

  • Colposcopy
  • LEEP
  • Contraception
  • Mirena IUD
  • Paragard IUD
  • Nexplanon birth control implant
  • Testosterone pellet implants for low libido
  • MonaLisa Touch laser for vaginal health: Click below for more information

  MonaLisa Touch

Minimally-Invasive GYN Surgery

  • Laparoscopy
  • Laparoscopy hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopy for endometriosis
  • Vaginal and minilaparotomy hysterectomies
  • Endometrial ablation (Novasure and hydrothermal ablation)
  • Laser surgery
  • Robot-assisted surgery (DaVinci)
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Contraceptive procedures (Essure and tubal ligation)

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